Modules of RiceHR

Unified Workforce Management

Automate and optimise your workforce and manage better with workflows like HR, Payroll, Chat, Projects, Tasks, Operations and more.

Core HR

Create and maintain your organizational structure, manage employee profiles, and organize all your work in the digital space using RiceHR software. Your employees can also create their own personal dashboards with our software.

Time Management

Keep track of the working hours inside your offices. Create digital attendance sheets, schedule shifts, and track over-time working employees, all with our state-of-the-art software. Integrate with biometric attendance devices, approve leave requests, and manage shift rotations with ease.

Payroll & Expenses Monitor

Simplify payroll and save time for your accounts team with our intelligent software. Define the salary components and let the software automate salary crediting. Add details about basic pay, allowances, deductions, and bonuses and RiceHR will do the rest.

Projects and Tasks Management

Create your projects & tasks and share details about them to your employees through RiceHR. Assign teams to the projects and distribute tasks among them. Manage all the projects within our simple interface and monitor them from anywhere. The software also allows effective information transfer thereby facilitating improved coordination between teams.

Asset Management

Plan, acquire, and manage assets through our software and grow your organization effectively. Add details about all your holdings and monitor them from your dashboard. You will never lose track of the valuable assets ever.

Performance Management

Streamline Employee Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and provide continuous feedback to all your projects through RiceHR. The software helps you make timely, well-informed decisions thereby leading to enhanced organizational performance.

Recruitment Management

Design hiring workflows for job postings in your organization. Use our flexible software to create job postings, receive & track applications, and guide new employees into your organization through the digital world.

Communication Management

Use RiceHR to facilitate easy communication between your employees. The secure network created by the software allows easy transfer of information within your organization. The software is protected by a strong firewall and it ensures safety of your information too.

Helpdesk for Employees

Generate tickets for customer queries and internal requests and provide timely query resolution and feedback using RiceHR. This adds to the productivity of your organization and employee satisfaction.

Best Tool for Workforce Management

Our software is designed to meet all your needs for workforce management, simplifying HR processes and thereby enhancing the efficiency of your organisation.

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