Key features of RiceHR that differentiates us from the rest of the crowd.


HR Dashboard is designed to have an overview of an organization at a glance viz., Headcount, Joiners, Leavers, Performance appraisal status, Daily attendance status, critical task due dates, Overall CTC etc.

Digital Onboarding

Digital On-boarding helps companies to onboard employees joining their organizations from any International Locations.

Attendance Module

Organisation can standardize and stream line employee working hours using this module, Attendance/Leave/Holidays can be created/assigned/managed for different category of employees.

Recruitment Module

Recruitment Module helps HRs and Business Leaders to view and have control over the current status of End-to-End Recruitment process.

Compensation Management

The Compensation structures of a new hire can be added in Compensation Module. Similarly, the compensation structure of existing employees too can be modified. Companies can do bulk update, on the fly.

Payroll Management

Payroll Module is created with the intent to manage/handle country specific Payroll and HR related statutory rules. Payroll processing along with Exception rules for different category of employees can be handled using RiceHR.

Performance Management

Performance Management Module enables organisations to administer their Performance evaluation process. The module is fully customizable based on the organization needs. Setting up Goals.

Training Module

With Training Module Companies can create Annual Training Calendar and administer the training for their employees. HR Departments can assign training nomination for employees. Employees too can make training requests.

Travel & Expense Management

Travel Module is created with the intent to provide a facility for the Organization to Manage and administer the employee travel requests workflow for manager approval and travel coordinator to organize tickets based on the mode of transport.

Income Tax Module

Income Tax Module is created with the intent to provide a facility for the Organization to allow the employees to claim income tax exemption rules that an employee can avail.

Flexi Benefit Reimbursement

Reimbursement Module is created with the intent to provide a facility for the Organization to allow flexible Pay design for the employees to allocate certain salary amount as a benefit and claim it as reimbursement.

Digital Repository

This is yet another module which enables paper-less office. P-Files removes the need for having a physical storage space or infrastructure for storing individual personnel files.

MSS Portal

Managers Self Service (MSS) enables Managers to view and manage details of their team members - They can access their team member’s data to view and update information when the team member is not able to access are update Attendance, Leave or Goals etc.

ESS Portal

Using Employee Self Services (ESS), individual employees can update their personal information, upload documents, view leave balance, apply leave, request for training nomination, do self appraisal, participate in surveys, and even submit resignation letters.

Other Features of RiceHR

Geo Attendance Module

While on travel or outstation tour, employees can mark their attendance using Geo App. This can be easily integrated with regular attendance data and Payroll.

Mass Mailers

Mass Module is created with the intent to provide a facility for the Business Leaders / HR teams to communicate with group of employees / company-wide employees simultaneously.

Digital Letters

Letter templates can be used for candidates, new hires, or existing employees. This can be used for variety of reasons - Interviews, Offers, Appointment Letters, Increment Orders, Promotion Orders, Warning / Termination Letters, etc.

Custom Reports

Reports Module is created with the intent to provide a fully flexible reporting option for the HR Admin / Payroll Administrator. The end user is provided with best in class tool to design and develop reports on the fly.

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