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The only platform that you’ll ever need to streamline all HR workflows like hiring, onboarding, payroll processing, management and ensuring compliance.

Trusted by over 100+ companies.

A smart cloud-based Solutions to Streamline Your HR Processes

Cloud Solution

Secure cloud based solution to digitalise the HR processes and payroll processing.

Quick & Safe Processing

Eliminate delays and errors by digitialising the end-to-end process.

Fully Compliant

Get fully compliant reports in a few clicks within minutes.


Everything you need to create the perfect HR management processes for your organisation.

Secure Solution

Safe & secure servers for the crucial & critical data of your organisation.


A simple no-nonsense & transparent pricing. Pay as you grow.

Unified Workforce Management

Automate and Optimise your workforce and manage better with workflows like HR, Payroll, Chat, Projects, Tasks, Operations and more. Our all-in-one HRMS  allows you to streamline all these operations easily.

Design hiring workflows for job postings in your organization. Use our flexible software to create job postings, receive & track applications, and guide new employees into your organization through the digital world.

Simplify payroll and save time for your accounts team with our intelligent software. Define the salary components and let the software automate salary crediting. Add details about basic pay, allowances, deductions, and bonuses and RiceHR will do the rest for you.

Create your projects & tasks and share details about them to your employees through RiceHR. Assign teams to the projects and distribute tasks among them. Manage all the projects within our simple interface and monitor them from anywhere. The software also allows effective information transfer thereby facilitating improved coordination between teams.

Plan, acquire, and manage assets through our software and grow your organization effectively. Add details about all your holdings and monitor them from your dashboard. You will never lose track of the valuable assets ever.

What Our Customers Say About RiceHR

Everybody Loves RiceHR for its Simplicity, Scalability & Security

After Implementing RiceHR, the productivity of our team has increased dramatically.

Ms. Bhanu

Head - Business Services EMC HR Services

Our team was struggling with managing employee details in spreadsheets. With RiceHR, we have digitalised the whole HR processes.

Mr. Sai Rajeswaran

Guru Sai HR Management Services

The best thing about RiceHR is that the statutory changes are reflected within a month in the solution. This makes it the ideal solution for our use-case.

Rahul Krishnan

The Iris

Frequently Asked Questions

A set of most prominent questions that could arise in your minds.

Does it matter which internet browser I use to access RiceHR?

RiceHR has no restrictions, you can use any browser. However, Mozilla Firefox is our preferred browser.

Is the Employee Self Service site secure? How can I be sure someone else cannot see my online pay statement?

Yes, It is secure & fully Encrypted. More ever each employee will get their User Id & Password to access their ESS.

How many employees can be processed at a time in RiceHR?

Max of 1 million employees record can be processed at the same time.

Does RiceHR mobile app hand when payroll and calls or other mobile apps accessed simultaneously?

No, it won’t hang or cause your phone to malfunction. You can use any others apps simultaneously.

Is the RiceHR user-friendly, what are the key features?

Yes, it is user- friendly, RiceHR is a cloud based HR solution provider, the service is offered in a SaaS model (software as a service).

Can RiceHR app be installed on Android mobiles?

Yes, It is available in Play store, you can download it and install in your Android mobiles.

Can it be installed on iPhones?

Yes, It is available in App Store, you can download it and install in your iOS mobiles.

What type and size of files can be uploaded in your Digital file (P-file)?

File Type: JPEG, PNG, PDF File : 2MB

What are all the self-driven reports available in RiceHR Solutions?

PF Reports , ESIC Reports, TDS Reports ,Employee details Reports, Cash payment Reports, Bank transfer Reports, CTC Report.

What are all the merits and demerits of the RiceHR Solutions?

Customized reports, User friendly, Images encrypted and Encrypted data, anywhere, anytime HR can hire the employee and manage end to end transactions on web or mobile. Employee communication can be notified using the mobile app.

Do you have a product that can be installed in my local system?

Our products are a cloud based HRMS solution and there are no desktop versions of our solution.

Do you have a product demo video to understand how your Solution works?

Our products are very easy to use! We have a simple YouTube video on how to use our solution. How every we recommend our clients to have quick 30 minutes demonstration of what is possible with RiceHR

I want to use a specific HR Module. How do I get to know that?

To find a specific module details we have provided the details on the website, you may choose the module based on our need and get in touch with our customer support team. They will guide you with the right information at every step.

Tell me more about your technical support and how do they work?

Our technical team is available 5 days a week on normal support. Specialised support is provided to customers on the holidays and weekends on paid basis.

I have implemented the solution, but I am not a HR expert. How do I get the training to use?

RiceHR is designed with the simplicity that anyone with basic business knowledge can operate the system with ease in mobile or web version. We provide How Do I guides for each of you modules with you have purchased, over and above you can reach out to the implementation or support team based on your business needs.

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