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What we do

A smart solution to streamline the HR processes of your organisation.

SaaS Solution

Secure cloud based solution to digitalise the HR processes and payroll processing.

Quick & Safe Processing

Eliminate delays and errors by digitialising the end-to-end process.

Fully Compliant

Get fully compliant reports in a few clicks within minutes.


Everything you need to create the perfect HR management processes for your organisation.

Secure Solution

Safe & secure servers for the crucial & critical data of your organisation.


A simple no-nonsense & transparent pricing. Pay as you grow.

Our Solution

Get the most out of our HR Solution

Organisations Fuelled by RiceHR Solutions

Everybody Loves RiceHR for its Simplicity, Scalability & Security

After Implementing RiceHR, the productivity of our team has increased dramatically.
Ms. Bhanu
Head - Business Services EMC HR Services
Our team was struggling with managing employee details in spreadsheets. With RiceHR, we have digitalised the whole HR processes.
Guru Sai HR Management Services
The best thing about RiceHR is that the statutory changes are reflected within a month in the solution. This makes it the ideal solution for our use-case.
Rahul Krishnan
The Iris
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